Pre sale home makeovers

Selling your home can be a stressful process, and it’s hard to clearly see how best to maximise your profits quickly and cost effectively.


“Hiring a designer can help you to avoid costly mistakes that will not only help you save money but can increase the value of your home.” Especially when selling your home – interior design is essential when listing your home. It can help boost buyer appeal and set your home above the competition.


Interoyal Design styles homes for sale. The approach to this type of design work is different to decorating your long term home. It is mainly about highlighting the positives of a home and making them pop out to the potential buyer, so aesthetic takes precedence over functionality. We will transform your old property to new design and style by adding some eye-catching finishes such as Screens, Wallpaper and Paint.


Moji will work with your existing furniture or optional hire furniture, to prepare your home for sale. Whether a client requires styling of their existing home and furniture or like to present their home with stylish well-coordinated rental furniture, Moji is passionate about presenting every property in the best way.



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