About Us


Making the most out of your space and getting the most for your budget.

Interoyal Design are specialists in interior design and interior decoration in residential and commercial services.


Based in the Hills district of Sydney. Interoyal Design offers a wide range of services to meet all residential and commercial interior design needs. Whether you just want a subtle change to your space, or a completely new design, incorporating new furnishings, colour choices, and use of space, Interoyal Design will be able to provide Creative, Stylish, practical and affordable interior design services.

We design environment that reflect your unique personality and lifestyle. We believe every space should tell a story of a family’s lifestyle and it should also be both functional and stylish and mostly you feels comfortable and relax.



Hiring an interior designer is a smart decision if you’ve invested a good bit of money into your home and want to be able to showcase it to look its best. Whether you have no idea where or how to begin to decorate your home, or whether you have an idea but need help tying pieces together, or you simply haven’t the time to execute your style and desires due to your busy day to day schedule.

Mojdeh  Hemmati (Moji) is a talented and qualified interior designer and stylist from Kingswood Art and Design Centre (Sydney). She will help you to create a stylish and inspiring living room or work place  to make the most out of your space and budget.


Harmony ,Elegance, Balance, Simplicity these are some elements that describe our design philosophy.

We specialise in making the most out of your space and getting the most for your budget.